8 thoughts on “Video: Rust for the Windows Runtime

  1. Johan Lindfors

    Great introduction Kenny, I find it kind of interesting though that there seems to be a typo in your code in which uri::create_uri(…) should actually be Uri::create_uri(…) with Uri starting with a uppercase ‘U’. But it still seems to work for you, but not when I run it locally with the latest 0.7.1 version of winrt.

  2. Marcus Rahilly

    Will a VSIX be needed with another Xaml compiler? Could there be an open source XML page markup alternative sooner?

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      I don’t think the Xaml team has any plans to support Rust via the Xaml compiler any time soon, but you can get quite far without a Xaml compiler. I’m hoping to publish a sample or two soon.

      1. Marcus Rahilly

        It should be possible to use C#/WinRT at some point to wrap Xaml in an implementation .winmd file. Rust/WinRT and C++/WinRT would then just use the resulting Runtime Component.
        Rust samples will be welcome. Thanks!

  3. Marcus Rahilly

    Porting Petzold 6/e C++/WinRT async samples to C++/WinRT appears to be painful. Hope this might get better with Rust/WinRT.

  4. gents83

    Always awesome!
    Any plan to release a sample to create a simple winrt rust UWP application window without any other non-microsoft external crates dependencies?


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