Rust/WinRT is now on GitHub

We are excited to announce that the Rust/WinRT project finally has a permanent and public home on GitHub:

A lot has happened around the world since my last update. I hope this finds you and your family well. We have also had to adjust the way we work at Microsoft. Ryan Levick and I have been hard at work getting things ready for us to continue the development of Rust/WinRT out in the open. We look forward to hearing from all of you whether in the form of feedback or contributions. There is much to be done, but we are excited to be able to share what we have accomplished thus far.

For more information, please see the official announcement and don’t forget to try Robert Mikhayelyan’s very cool demo.

5 thoughts on “Rust/WinRT is now on GitHub

  1. serentty

    I’m so hyped! Among other things, Rust could always use a good GUI solution, and idiomatic bindings to a native GUI on Windows are great for that.

  2. gentsakismet

    Hi there!
    Super exited by this news!
    Is there any plan to avoid dependencies from other non-microsoft official crates such as winapi or winit to create a BlankApp right now?
    Is it possible today to start creating a windowed app just with microsoft rust winrt?! Is there any e camole anywhere?

    Tnx a lot for your amazing job!

  3. Marcus Rahilly

    Is there boilerplate code in the Minesweeper demo that becomes redundant and could be removed as Rust support on WinRT increases and matures?


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