C++/WinRT and Beyond

I have been hard at work on C++/WinRT for the RS5 release. There should be an update available with the upcoming Windows SDK for Windows Insider builds very soon. This will include most of the changes coming in RS5 and I will begin to share more about that as soon as it is available.

Beyond RS5, I am starting a new project that builds on C++/WinRT and I cannot wait to share more about that.

Please check back again soon as I will be sharing a lot more information here on kennykerr.ca regularly. I have also rather unexpectedly left Twitter. I may share that tale of woe someday, but feel free to reach out via kenny@kennykerr.ca or via the comments.

If you have specific questions about C++/WinRT, please use the Developer Community.

6 thoughts on “C++/WinRT and Beyond

  1. cedricmia

    Hi Kenny,

    You can’t leave us hanging like that, when will we know more about your new project ?

    Great news for RS5,


    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      It turns out that __noop is a Visual C++ extension. You can use something like for a more portable solution:

      #define ASSERT(expression) ((void)0)

  2. Lloyd Martin

    C++/WinRT seems to have stalled. Is there any dedicated effort to provide more documentation, guidance on the future of the project, or more samples? If the use of the project is going to achieve a wider audience (hobby programmers to production code) the current state is not sufficient.


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