Microsoft + Kenny + Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime

I am happy to announce that I have joined forces with Microsoft to improve the C++ experience on Windows. I will be joining the Windows team in Redmond later this month to begin work on the future of Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime. I will also be working closely with members of the Visual C++ team to ensure the best possible experience for C++ developers on the Windows platform. Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement as I worked on the Modern project. The future of C++ on Windows is looking up!

15 thoughts on “Microsoft + Kenny + Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime

  1. Alexander Riccio

    PLEASE keep us native developers up to date on this, as it’s the only real hope for (some of) us to ever develop Windows RT apps. There ain’t no way (no how) I’m ever gonna type a “hat” or any of that other C++/CX crap.

  2. Vipul S. Chawathe

    1. Will WinRT API universal contract ever get file stream with insertion and extraction operators from C++ ReST codename: Casablanca SDK?
    2. I flip flopped between C++/CX & moderncpp and started messing up my membership operators “.” and “->”. Will modern standard C++ have single guideline for retained mode GUI or future XAML app development?
    3. When will Band SDK modern standard C++ projection be underway?
    I am guessing you will be announcing lots of good news in time for VS 2015 update 2.

  3. petke

    I hope they didn’t hire you just to shut you up :). Seriously though, this is great news. I hope to see the next version of your modern c++ library as an official part of visual studio.


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