Modern C++ and the Universal Windows Platform

I have started publishing information about the Modern C++ project at and I hope that you’ll go and take a look to see what I’ve been up to. Subscribe here for updates or follow me on Twitter:

I recently made the case that Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime offers the productivity of C# and performance that beats even C++/CX. Surely this would be tremendously valuable to the Universal Windows Platform. And I topped it off with my biggest video demo yet of the Modern library.

1. A Classy Type System for Modern C++

2. Modern C++ as a Better Compiler

3. When Standard C++ Isn’t Enough

Video: Universal Windows Apps with Standard C++

I’m off to work on my next course for Pluralsight entitled Windows Runtime Internals, but I’ll be back to continue the work of bringing modern ISO C++ to the Windows platform.

4 thoughts on “Modern C++ and the Universal Windows Platform

  1. Randy

    Two questions:
    1. Are there any performance numbers, and
    2. What will be the cost of Modern C++

  2. Rob G

    This all sounds like good work.

    Unfortunately, I’m put off by developing “Universal” apps by the Store licensing arrangements. I just don’t like the freedom implications of having a single point of distribution of software. Its not too bad for phones/tablets, but for a mainstream desktop O/S it just stinks.

    If, as I suspect, it turns out that MS are pretty well pushing this at the cost of other development models than I will be moving off their platform – and thats with over 25 years as a Windows developer under my belt

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      You don’t have to use the Windows Store for PC apps. The Windows Runtime is also not limited to Store apps. You can use many of the same APIs from desktop and console apps and even services. Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime works everywhere.


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