Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to the Windows API

MSDN Magazine released a special issue for Microsoft’s Connect(); event in New York City. I was asked to write a C++ feature and you can now read it online:

Visual C++ 2015 Brings Modern C++ to the Windows API

Visual C++ 2015 is the culmination of a huge effort by the C++ team to bring modern C++ to the Windows platform. Over the last few releases, Visual C++ has steadily gained a rich selection of modern C++ language and library features that together make for an absolutely amazing environment in which to build universal Windows apps and components. Visual C++ 2015 builds on the remarkable progress introduced in those earlier releases and provides a mature compiler that supports much of C++11 and a subset of C++14. You might argue about the level of completeness, but I think it’s fair to say that the compiler supports the most important language features, enabling modern C++ to usher in a new era of library development for Windows. And that really is the key. As long as the compiler supports the development of efficient and elegant libraries, developers can get on with building great apps and components.

If you like variadic templates then you’ll want to read this. It also offers a glimpse of some the techniques used to power Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime (

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