The Essentials of the Windows Runtime

My latest Pluralsight course is now available:

The Essentials of the Windows Runtime

This course will help you understand WinRT’s relationship to COM and how modern C++ is used to implement a class-based component abstraction on top of traditional COM interfaces.

This course introduces the Windows Runtime (WinRT), the foundational technology that underpins the future of the Windows API. You’ll learn what lies beneath the different language projections, how WinRT relates to COM and .NET, and how to implement COM and Windows Runtime classes with modern C++, Windows Runtime strings, and Windows Runtime components developed in Standard C++.

If you enjoy modern C++ you’ll want to pay special attention to the “Implementing the Windows Runtime” module where I show you how to use C++ variadic templates to implement both IUnknown and IInspectable. Watch how the compiler implements both QueryInterface and GetIids efficiently and elegantly.

Go and watch it now!

6 thoughts on “The Essentials of the Windows Runtime

  1. Jeff Onsager

    Outstanding course. I always enjoy your perspective and insight. You are easily my favorite author at Pluralsight, and I am always excited when you release a new course. One item to note: You may want to attach a readme to the exercise files indicating the usage of VS2014 CTP (Platform Toolset = ‘v140’). That caught me while I was following along. Thanks for putting that together.

  2. Kate

    Is it required to have Windows 8 + in order to run apps that use the Windows Runtime?
    In other words is this course content will help we develop apps for windows 7 too?


    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      The Windows Runtime is part of Windows 8 and beyond. It is not available on Windows 7, but many of the modern C++ techniques I describe are applicable to classic COM as well (on Windows 7).


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