A Modern Update

I’ve received many requests for news on the progress of Modernthe Modern C++ Library for Windows – my new project that provides a Standard C++ language projection for the Windows Runtime along with first-class support for component development. Some folks have also offered to contribute to the library. Modern isn’t really a library as much as it is a library generator. Technically, Modern is a compiler that produces modern C++ code that may then be used to build apps and components.

I have started using it myself and am really enjoying the experience but it has a few rough edges that I need to work on before I can make it more widely available. I’m also planning to support DirectX 12, but I don’t yet have my hands on the API. As usual, the challenge is finding the time as I have other work that keeps me busy. I have lined up a handful of beta testers. Once I’ve freed up some time I hope to make a build available to them.

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