DirectComposition: A Retained-Mode API to Rule Them All

My latest article for MSDN Magazine is now online. This is the third article in the series on DirectComposition. You can find links to my other articles here.

DirectComposition: A Retained-Mode API to Rule Them All

The choice between immediate-mode and retained-mode traditionally came down to a trade-off between performance and productivity. Developers could pick the Direct2D immediate-mode API for absolute performance or the WPF retained-mode API for productivity or convenience. DirectComposition changes this equation by allowing developers to blend the two far more naturally. It blurs the line between immediate-mode and retained-mode APIs because it provides a retained-mode for graphics, but without imposing any memory or performance overhead.

This is also the first article to include sample code in years, so do take DirectComposition for a spin today. And if that’s not enough, check out my latest online course where I show you how to make the most of DirectComposition and Direct2D.

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