Coming Soon: The Modern C++ Library for Windows

Modern is a header-only library designed to provide Standard C++ developers with first-class access to the modern Windows API. This includes complete support for the Windows Runtime as well as classic APIs such as DirectX.

Find out more here:

8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Modern C++ Library for Windows

    1. Rob G

      It would be very hard to do a library using modern C++ before it existed.

      I’m not at all sure about the name though – before anyone names a product they should consider how someone will search for it. Searching for Modern C++ produces countless articles on C++ 11/14.

  1. Matt

    It would be great if this library could also work with clang/llvm for windows. That way it could support the full c++14 standard. I was disappointed to learn that each edition of store apps is tied to a release of the compiler :-/.

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      Eventually the Windows Runtime should be ubiquitous on the desktop and then Modern C++ for the Windows Runtime would be your best bet as a C++ developer. As of Windows 8.1 many of the WinRT APIs are not yet available on the desktop so you have to make some tough choices.

      1. Doug

        Really enjoyed your Direct 2D videos on Plural sight. Thank you for that. I do have a question.

        We need full access to the Win32 API (hence we need a desktop app). We need Direct2D and we are running on Win 10 only. Looking for a desktop solution that comes the closest to a Windows Universal App with C++/XAML/DirectX. Need to support:

        WRL (or perhaps CX)
        Full Win32
        XAML or other mark up language.
        We have over 100 forms (considerable UI component)

        Does the Modern C++ support this? If not what are our options?

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