The Desktop Window Manager

I wrote a lot about the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) back when it first debuted in the Windows Vista beta releases. You can read those articles here and here. This dates back to 2006. At that time all we had was the rather limited DWM API. While it was interesting and neat to be able to extend a window’s glassy frame and apply the blur to the client area, it was also clear that the operating system was holding back on us. The DWM was capable of a lot more. Fast forward to Windows 8 and the operating system finally allows us to use the awesome power of the DWM inside our own applications. DWM is the name of the Windows composition engine and my new course tells the story of the new API that lets you tap into its power:

DirectComposition in Action

Learn how to use DirectComposition to easily produce high-performance visual effects with the Windows composition engine.


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