DirectComposition in Action – Coming Soon

Update: Go and watch the course now!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with DirectComposition lately. DirectComposition is the primary API for the Windows composition engine. DirectComposition in Action is the name of my next Pluralsight course. I’ve also written a series of articles on DirectComposition for MSDN Magazine. The first is scheduled for the June 2014 issue. Here’s a preview of what you can expect. This is a little game I wrote for the kids that illustrates some of the power of DirectComposition and the Windows composition engine.

2 thoughts on “DirectComposition in Action – Coming Soon

  1. Jeff Onsager

    My goodness Mr. Kerr, how much time is needed for the technical review? I have played with the DComp samples, and have a few prototypes of my own, but I still anxiously await to see what you have to say about the topic.


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