I’ve published a few more articles over the last month:

Long Filenames in Windows 8 (Visual Studio Magazine)

Windows 8 finally addresses a longstanding issue with its support for long filenames. While the Windows file systems, notably NTFS, have supported long filenames for longer than I can remember, the Windows shell has been stuck with an antiquated limit of 259 characters. This is the effective limit imposed by the infamous MAX_PATH constant. Fortunately, the Windows shell is beginning to support longer paths; and while it doesn’t yet go far enough, it does provide a new set of path management functions that fully support long filenames.

Using Regular Expressions with Modern C++ (MSDN Magazine)

C++11 introduced a long list of features that are in themselves quite exciting, but if all you see is a list of isolated features, then you’re missing out. The combination of these features makes C++ into the powerhouse that many have grown to appreciate. I’m going to illustrate this point by showing you how to use regular expressions with modern C++. The C++11 standard introduced a powerful regular expression library, but if you use it in isolation—using a traditional C++ programming style—you might find it somewhat tiresome. Unfortunately, this is the way that most of the C++11 libraries tend to be introduced. However, there is some merit in such an approach. If you were looking for a concise example of using some new library, it would be rather overwhelming to be forced into comprehending a slew of new language features at the same time. Still, the combination of C++ language and library features really turns C++ into a productive programming language.


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