Modern C++ Libraries – Now on Pluralsight!

My latest Pluralsight course is now available: Modern C++ Libraries

This is a course about the practical application of the modern C++ language and libraries including C++11 and beyond.

Need more convincing? It’s about using (and creating) modern C++ libraries. You’re going to learn how to use a modern C++ style of programming. You will see how it helps to turn C++ into a modern language that’s intuitive and elegant. This course covers the essential skills needed by any C++ developer to handle resources and write efficient classes that work well with standard containers. You will also learn all about the standard smart pointers, containers, strings, and regular expressions. Along the way, you’ll pick up essential tips and tricks to get the best out of modern C++ using C++11 and beyond.

Go and watch it now!

My next course, Modern C++ Concurrency, is on its way.

Have you missed one of my previous courses? Master the essentials of COM, DirectX with C++, and even C programming!

2 thoughts on “Modern C++ Libraries – Now on Pluralsight!

  1. Victor Noagbodji


    Just watched it. C++ s not my primary programming language and I only have a rather small background with C/C++. Your courses are the most instructive I have found and the very reason I subscribed to PluralSight in the first place.

    Thanks for doing them. Hope to see more ( or a book ? : 3 )


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