Using the C++ Spell Checking API

I’ve started writing a new monthly column for Visual Studio Magazine. The first installment is now available: Using the C++ Spell Checking API

Did you know that Windows includes a native Spell Checking API designed for C++ developers?

I’ve spent a lot of time teaching developers how to build modern applications for Windows using C++ and Direct2D. Along with this comes the powerful DirectWrite text layout and rendering engine, but users have come to expect more than just pretty pixels. They want useful features like spell checking that are pervasive throughout the applications they use. Now you can easily add spell checking to your own applications using the Spell Checking API.  

As always I’ll be showing you how to use C++ to write Windows apps. Keith Ward wrote a nice introduction to the new column. I hope you enjoy the new column!

Check out my latest courses on Pluralsight to learn all about the essentials of COM and Direct2D!

You can find links to more of my articles here.

2 thoughts on “Using the C++ Spell Checking API

  1. Tom Kirby-Green

    Always a pleasure to read your work Kenny – looking forward to grokking the new column, will you continue to write your MSDN Magazine column too?

    And will writing for both magazines leave you time to write that Direct2D book? 😉

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      Yes, the plan is to write both columns monthly. We’ll see how long I can keep it up. 🙂

      I’d write a Direct2D book if I thought I could sell more than two copies.


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