Upcoming Training Material

Here’s what you can expect from me in terms of training material this year.


Last year I published C Programming Language Fundamentals and Direct2D Fundamentals. The latter provides a comprehensive introduction to the original version of Direct2D that first shipped with Windows 7. Here’s a preview.

Later this month I will release Direct2D Fundamentals – Part 2. This new course focuses on the version of Direct2D that first shipped with Windows 8. It includes the necessary information about Direct3D and DXGI that you will need to leverage Direct2D 1.1 as well as everything you need to know in order to use Direct2D on the Windows desktop, with the Windows Runtime, with XAML, on the Windows Phone, and much more.

If this sounds interesting then get yourself ready by working through Direct2D Fundamentals – Part 1. That will give you the necessary groundwork for part 2.

MSDN Magazine

I first wrote about Direct2D in the magazine back when Windows 7 was in beta.

Introducing Direct2D

Drawing with Direct2D

Layered Windows with Direct2D

Direct2D and the Desktop Window Manager

Windows Phone and Direct2D (more recently)

I decided to spend a bit more time this year on Direct2D, both to bring some more attention to this great API as well as to introduce some of the Direct2D-related innovation in the Windows 8 family of operating systems. As such, here is an outline of topics for my Windows with C++ column over the next few months.

February: Creating Desktop Apps with Visual C++ 2012 – A desktop application primer

March: Rendering in a Desktop App with Direct2D – From USER/GDI to Direct2D 1.0

April: Introducing Direc2D 1.1 – Where Direct2D embraces Direct3D and DXGI (on the desktop)

May: Direct2D and the Windows Runtime

June: Direct2D and XAML

What Next?

I am planning to do a Pluralsight course on Classic COM and WinRT using modern C++ and WRL. I may also spend a few months later this year focusing on WRL in my Windows with C++ column.

I know Kate Gregory is also planning some more excellent C++ and Visual Studio material for Pluralsight.

Beyond that, what would you like to see in terms of training material?


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7 thoughts on “Upcoming Training Material

  1. Eric Hill

    Three letters conspicuously absent from your post: WPF. We have a WPF app that we’d like to use D2D more heavily in, but WPF and D2D do not play well together. In WPF, there is no way to get the native DirectX buffer to draw on like Metro/Win8/Modern/Store apps have. Our only choice is to render the D2D to GDI bitmaps and using InteropBitmap, which takes away all performance advantages of D2D. At //build/, Microsoft pretty much acknowledged that they don’t have a good desktop story for XAML + Direct2D. So I challenge you as part of this series to push Microsoft to tell us their direction for doing XAML + Direct2D on the desktop.

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      My time is running out but I’ll do my best to include some WPF content (in part 2). I can’t make any promises.

      Regarding Microsoft and XAML on the desktop, I’m afraid you flatter me. I doubt very much that Microsoft cares much about what I have to say, if my recent example of running Direct2D on Windows Phone is any indicator. Supporting Direct2D on the phone would cost them nothing (technically anyway). Supporting XAML on the desktop on the other hand is technically costly since the WinRT implementation is not designed to support the desktop. It’s however not impossible and I would certainly applaud such an effort.

  2. Dexter

    I would love to see D3D11 content. There is a lot of content for D3D9 with “old C with classes”. Since the API also has changed a lot (after D3D10), I would really love to see how to do it “right” with the new apis.


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