Windows 8 and the WebSocket Protocol

The December issue of MSDN Magazine includes a special feature article I wrote about WebSockets and Windows 8.

The WebSocket protocol aims to provide bidirectional communication in a Web-saturated world dominated by clients solely responsible for establishing connections and initiating request/response pairs. It finally allows applications to enjoy many more of the benefits of TCP, but in a Web-friendly way. Considering that the WebSocket protocol was only standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force in December 2011—and as I write this is still under consideration by the World Wide Web Consortium—it’s perhaps surprising just how comprehensively Windows 8 has embraced this new Internet technology.

In this article I’ll first show you how the WebSocket protocol works and explain its relationship to the larger TCP/IP suite. I’ll then explore the various ways in which Windows 8 enables programmers to easily adopt this new technology from within their applications.

My Windows with C++ column resumes in January. You can find links to more of my articles here.

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