Direct2D Fundamentals – Now on Pluralsight!

My latest course is now available on Pluralsight. This one takes me back to what I enjoy most: Windows and C++ together. Here’s a quick introduction to the course.

Direct2D is a native, immediate-mode, graphics rendering library that provides uncompromising performance. Its focus is on two-dimensional rendering, providing a rich array of primitives for rendering vector graphics, bitmaps and text. It’s designed to squeeze as much out of the underlying Direct3D-based GPU as humanly possible while retaining a surprisingly enjoyable API surface.

Who should attend?

Any developers interested in the future of cutting-edge graphics for both games and applications on the various Windows platforms needs to take a close look at Direct2D.

What will you learn?

As its name suggests, Direct2D Fundamentals covers the core rendering facilities of the Direct2D library. You’ll quickly learn everything you need to know in order to start using Direct2D, from window plumbing to COM essentials. You’ll then learn all about the window render target, brushes, geometries, bitmaps, transforms and text. This course is packed with detailed demonstrations so you’ll see a lot of hands-on coding. There’s no cut-and-paste here. Everything is written by hand and illustrated graphically. You’ll quickly feel right at home with the most powerful 2D graphics API on Windows.

What’s next?

I know a lot of you are excited to learn about the improvements to Direct2D in Windows 8, especially around XAML and Direct3D interop. Well the good news is that I’m focusing on that next and the plan is to publish another course covering these topics as soon as possible. However, Direct2D Fundamentals sets the foundation for everything that you will be doing with Direct2D so it’s a great place to start.

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4 thoughts on “Direct2D Fundamentals – Now on Pluralsight!

  1. MIke

    As I am experiencing display artefacts like tearing when displaying video (bitmaps) on a TCanvas, I was wondering if Direct2D would take care of this (without speed loss). Curious to see if you talked about this I followed the link to Pluralsight but all I could find is a list of subjects, I can’t seem to find your talk anywhere. Do I need a special browser?? Using FF.

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      Direct2D does not directly support video but is intended to play nicely with other libraries on Windows that do. I suggest you take a look at Media Foundation. Direct2D works closely with Direct3D, which provides the necessary interop through a common DirectX layer. I don’t cover video in the fundamentals course.

      A subscription is required to access the Pluralsight courses. Once you sign in you can access the training material.


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