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Back to the Future with Resumable Functions

My latest column for MSDN Magazine is now available online as well as in print.

I necessarily began this series of articles exploring alternative techniques for achieving concurrency with a practical solution because the reality is that we need solutions that work today. We do, however, need to look to the future and push the C++ community forward by demanding greater support for writing I/O-intensive applications in a more natural and productive manner. Surely writing highly scalable systems shouldn’t be the exclusive purview of JavaScript and C# programmers and the rare C++ programmer with enough willpower.

This is the last of three articles where I explore alternative techniques for achieving concurrency in C++. Thanks again to Artur Laksberg from the Visual C++ team for reviewing the drafts and providing valuable feedback.

Here is the complete series:

  1. Lightweight Cooperative Multitasking with C++
  2. The Pursuit of Efficient and Composable Asynchronous Systems
  3. Back to the Future with Resumable Functions

You can find links to more of my articles here.