The C Programming Language – Now on Pluralsight!

My new course is now available on the Pluralsight website. Aaron approached me a few months ago about authoring some courses. At first I was somewhat hesitant since I hadn’t done any in-person training before, rather focusing on articles and other written material. The adjustment to training videos took some time but in the end I really enjoyed the experience and hope you enjoy the results!

So why C? Aren’t I the C++ guy? Well I don’t really see them as such separate topics. C is the foundation of C++. To be a competent C++ programmer you need to thoroughly understand the C subset of C++ and that’s really the way I look at it. C is a subset of C++. I cover C89 which is the version used almost exclusively today and which modern C++ is based on. I also assume that the C programmer will naturally use C++ if and when appropriate so compatibility is critical and I stress that in this course.

But as a programmer who learned C++ as a first language I have realized that there are still many places where C dominates and C++ has not yet been able to flourish. Embedded systems programming is the obvious application but there are others. But again, these scenarios are not exempt from the influence of C++ and a measured and careful use of C++ can make these environments more manageable.

Anyway, the C Programming Language course is a good foundation for both aspiring C and C++ programmers. The plan is to release additional courses that will cover related topics such as embedded systems programming, real-time C++, and so on.

For now, please watch my new course and let me know what you think. Whether you are just starting out as a programmer, or have spent years with C++ but want to get a better foundation in C, or perhaps you have focused on managed languages and want to get back to the heart of computer science, I hope this course will help you to improve your craft!

3 thoughts on “The C Programming Language – Now on Pluralsight!

  1. johnbloom

    Just finished your C course. It was very good. I started programming using C# but recently I decided to write a C++ application. One thing that is very different between the languages is the memory management. Coming from a managed world my memory management skills are horrible. Other than that the syntax is very familiar.

    I just had one problem when going through the course. Windows 8 does not ship with cl.exe. I eventually found it in the Windows 7.1 SDK. After installing the SDK it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin\cl.exe.

    Thanks for the video and keep up the hard work.

  2. raul valdez

    hi, i’am just starting programming, i think you are terrific programmer and recently discover the pluralsight site. i want to develop windows apps, what kind of path or trail in pluralsight, Do you would recommend me?

    1. Kenny Kerr Post author

      Start with “Modern C++ Libraries” to get yourself acquainted with modern C++. Then work through “The Essentials of COM” as this is the foundation for much of the Windows API. Then work through “DirectComposition in Action” as this will give you a good grounding in the way that desktop windows are created and rendered. From there it’s up to you. I would also suggest “10 Practical Techniques to Power Your Visual C++ Apps” as it touches on many useful techniques. The remaining courses allow you to dig deeper into specific topics.


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