Thread Pool Timers and I/O

My latest Windows with C++ column, Thread Pool Timers and I/O, is now available in the December 2011 issue of MSDN Magazine. This is my final column on the amazingly powerful Windows thread pool API. In this final installment I introduce thread pool timers and I/O completion. Here is the complete thread pool series:

0: C++ and the Windows API (required reading)

1. The Windows Thread Pool and Work

2. The Thread Pool Environment

3. Thread Pool Cancellation and Cleanup

4. Thread Pool Synchronization

5. Thread Pool Timers and I/O

Join me next year where I begin to cover topics related to Windows 8 and the next version of Visual C++.

You can find links to more of my articles here.

9 thoughts on “Thread Pool Timers and I/O

  1. tornodo

    How to compile your code with gcc4.7?
    I did not install vs2010,so I compiled your code with gcc,but I encountered a lot of problems.

      1. Kenny Kerr Post author

        I’m sorry but I don’t maintain source code for my articles anymore. It’s too hard to keep it up to date with changing compilers and libraries. My hope is that programmers will take what they have learned from reading the articles and write their own code given the knowledge they have gained.

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