Window Clippings on Windows 8

Window Clippings is no longer my baby but it is nice to see that both version 2 and version 3 work great on Windows 8. Ironically, Internet Explorer looks more like a Windows 8 app than Windows Explorer itself. I do not have a problem with the ribbon but it needs a bit of a polish. Of course, I still prefer the command line.


CWindowssystem32cmd.exe - cmd

4 thoughts on “Window Clippings on Windows 8

  1. Fitoschido

    Heh, IE9 design is amazing. Why MS thougth that putting a ribbon in Windows Explorer is a good idea? This only adds redundancy to the UI, and it’s confusing (I’m thinking how will I explain to my mom –or my pupils– how to use that)

      1. wmq

        Over one year after Epsitec SA took over the Window Clippings, there aren’t ANY updates to Window Clippings. It looks like not developed anymore and almost abandoned 😦

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