Window Clippings and the future

In January I took a hard look at the various projects I was involved with. I needed to make some tough decisions about what I would continue working on and what I needed to let go. I had hoped to continue working on Window Clippings and my articles but unfortunately they didn’t make the cut. Window Clippings simply requires more time that I can afford and my articles simply don’t contribute at all to my need to support my family financially yet they have been a big drain on my time.

I am however very happy to announce that Window Clippings will not disappear. The developers at Epsitec SA, a Swiss company, have taken over the project and will be supporting Window Clippings effective immediately. Epsitec are the folks behind Creative Docs .NET and a variety of other software products. There should be no visible change to Window Clippings in the coming months so users should be able to continue taking screenshots as usual.

2 thoughts on “Window Clippings and the future

  1. Rich

    That’s too bad, I was really looking forward to more ‘The new C++ for the new windows’ articles… but I can relate to your need to put family first!

  2. Art

    Well that certainly is a disappointing thing to hear. I liked the first articles in this new series quite a bit and was looking forward to the next one. In fact I’ve had this tab open in my browser for a month and a half waiting for it! Hopefully you are able to become financially stable doing what you enjoy.


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