New in Window Clippings 3: Favorites

Favorites are a new feature in Window Clippings 3. They allow you to configure Window Clippings in different ways and give each a friendly name that you can quickly switch between without having to constantly change the Window Clippings settings for a particular screenshot.



All of the tabs above the Favorites tab apply to the favorite currently selected on the Favorites tab. In this example I’ve added a second favorite called Select shape so that I can use a different file naming scheme for those screenshots. Each favorite can of course have a unique set of actions and outputs, visual effects, and more.

The favorite that is selected on the Favorites tab becomes the default and its name appears on the title bar. The default favorite is the one that is run when you click the Create screenshot button or double click the Window Clippings icon in the notification area. It is also the favorite that runs when you use the “wc.exe favorite” command line.

There are a few ways to run an alternative favorite. If Window Clippings is pinned to the Start menu then you can access your favorites there.

Start menu


You can also access your favorites from the jump list if Window Clippings is pinned to the taskbar.

Jump list


The icon in the notification area also provides a menu with the favorites when you right-click it with your mouse.



Finally, you can also run a favorite using the following command line. This allows you to create your own Explorer shortcuts (and hot keys) for different favorites.

wc favorite /n "Select shape"


Favorites help to further reduce the amount of time you spend creating screenshots.

1 thought on “New in Window Clippings 3: Favorites

  1. Stephan Paternotte

    I noticed that there is a strong connection between Favorites and Actions.
    For each Favorite you can define a different (set of) action(s).
    E.g. I’ve defined two Fav’s, each representing one of the available actions: Copy to clipboard, and Send to PdN. After taking the screenshot, I can decide whether to just copy it to the clipboard or send it to PDN for further editing.
    Hey, I just thought of another obvious Favorite: Save to disk.

    Since Favorites and Actions are so close, wouldn’t it make sense to also have them more connected in the UI?



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