Window Clippings vs. the Pirates

I have received a few emails from people in possession of pirated license keys for Window Clippings 2 hoping to receive a free license key for Window Clippings 3. I mentioned here on my blog that anyone who bought a 2.x license in the past was eligible for a free upgrade. Unless you actually purchased a license key from (or personally received one from me) you do not have a genuine license key. I never ran any raffles or other competitions involving license key giveaways. If you received one of these license keys then you’ve been duped. Please purchase a genuine license.

I always knew that the licensing in Window Clippings 2 wasn’t going to present any kind of challenge for pirates. I just never realized there would be people who would then go and take advantage of others by acting as if they are in a position to sell or give away these pirated license keys. It’s not going to be that easy for those pirates this time around but I’m sure they’ll find some way around it eventually.

5 thoughts on “Window Clippings vs. the Pirates

  1. asf

    So, what are you saying here? Does v3 need to be connected to the internet to verify, or is the key verification code just “more” hidden?


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