Window Clippings 3 is coming on Monday!

It’s been very quiet on my blog over the last few weeks. I’ve been pushing very hard to get this release out the door this month as I’d hoped back in August when I started this project. The good news is that unless something goes terribly wrong, Window Clippings 3 will be released on Monday. I’m doing my final testing sweep and website upgrade this weekend.

There are many new features in this release that I never got around to writing about in my series of “looking forward” articles. I’ve been putting my writing energy into a growing list of tutorials that will be available alongside Window Clippings 3.

As with previous versions, Window Clippings 3 is all about providing the very best screen capture for Windows. Come back on Monday to be one of the first to give it a try!

Finally, as a thank you for all of the support Window Clippings has received I’m offering a free upgrade to anyone who bought a 2.x license in the past. I’m hoping to get those emails out next week some time. Of course the only record I have of existing users is the email address originally used for the purchase. If you don’t hear from me or have changed your email address then feel free to contact me including whatever information you can to help me track down your license.

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