Looking Forward to Window Clippings 3: Save to disk

Last time I described how actions and outputs work in general. Now I can start to show you some of the actions that are included in Window Clippings 3. Some might sound familiar but they all include significant improvements.

In previous versions the “Save to disk” action had a bit of a strange identity. It was an action but its settings were configured differently to other actions. This proved to be a bit confusing. The new “Save to disk” action in Window Clippings 3 has been completely rewritten and includes a few new features.


The first thing you should notice is that all of the actions are now configured directly in the main Window Clippings application window. For the most part there are no modal dialogs to deal with. Simply double click an action you’d like to edit and its configurable settings are directly presented. Most of the options for the “Save to disk” action should be pretty self-explanatory.

Copy full image file name – does what it says and copies the full file system path of the resulting image to the clipboard.

Open containing folder – opens the folder containing the resulting image in Explorer with the image file selected.

Open with default program – opens the resulting image as if you had double-clicked it in Explorer.

The Save to disk action supports the following image formats: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, and JPEG XR. The PNG, TIFF and JPEG XR image formats all support 32 bpp images to accommodate an alpha channel.

Check out the previous highlights:

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