Looking Forward to Window Clippings 3: User Interface Unveiled!

I’ve avoided talking about the new user interface for Window Clippings as I was worried it would still change but I think it’s sufficiently stable at this point that I can show you what it will look like.

Previous versions of Window Clippings never really had a “main window”. It was all about the selection surface and then there was the rather busy options window:

Of course there was no way to actually create a screenshot directly from this window so it was clearly not the primary user interface for Window Clippings.

Although I cannot say that there is any single “main” user interface for Window Clippings 3, I can say that there is finally an actual application window. There’s still a selection surface, although you are no longer required to use it, and there’s a new command line interface. Still I think most people will enjoy the fact that the main application window for Window Clippings is a lot less cluttered and actually lets you create a screenshot directly!


I’ll explore the additional options provided by the various tabs on the left in upcoming posts, but for now you can see the default “Selection” options and the big “Create screenshot” button that’s always available. Any changes you make are automatically saved so there’s no need for the traditional OK/Cancel/Apply buttons.

Prompt for selection – brings up the selection surface that lets you select windows or shapes to capture

Active window – captures the active window (after the Window Clippings window has disappeared) without you having to select it

All active application windows – captures all the windows belonging to the same application as the active window

Window with specific title – captures the window with the given title (you can type it in or pick from a list of windows currently on the desktop)

I could have exposed more selection options but I didn’t want to overcomplicate the user interface. Between the selection surface and the command line interface you have access to the full breadth of selection options.

Check out the previous highlights:

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