Looking Forward to Window Clippings 3: Icon and Installer

Ever since the first version of Window Clippings I’ve used the same icon that I originally picked from the library included with Visual Studio. That icon however is pretty meaningless and I decided that it’s time for Window Clippings to get its own unique icon. Although I’m no graphic designer I think my new creation better captures the essence of Window Clippings 3.

wc2 wc3

Version 2

Version 3

What do you think, a cactus or a bunch of windows with some subtle alpha blending?

Here’s what it looks like in action. As you can see from the screenshot below, Window Clippings 3 will be available from the Start menu. This also means that Window Clippings will be distributed using a Windows Installer package (.msi) file that will take care of installing the necessary files and shortcuts.


That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more highlights from the upcoming Window Clippings 3!

Check out the other highlights:

8 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Window Clippings 3: Icon and Installer

  1. Tim Dawson

    I think at least one of the windows should have a cactus in it. At the moment it looks like a generic “window z-index” button icon.

  2. Kevin

    I like the new logo but it seems harder to see in the taskbar. Please don’t take offense, but for something that is launched quite often from the taskbar, perhaps a single image makes the most sense.

      1. Kevin

        Yeah, that’s what I’m referring to, yeah. Even looking at the screenshot it looks very hard to see. Almost like it would get lost in the taskbar area. I would offer my help, but I can’t draw either. I always end up getting my icons and custom icons done at http://www.iconshock.com.

        As for the new features in 3 I am very excited to see this. I can’t wait for it to release.

  3. The SZ

    Mac OS X build in Grab application uses some kind of window in a picture frame and a pair of scissors: http://macprintscreen.com/wp-content/uploads/grab-500×500.png.

    I made a quick demo: / At least there is more color in there. But also a lot of improvement possible…

    Your new icon looks like a standard windows window icon if no own icon is setup.

    Why do you use a creepy msi package and not a much faster and better installer like InnoSetup?


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