Looking Forward to Window Clippings 3: Color Depth

Continuing my look at some of the highlights in the upcoming Window Clippings 3 release, today I want to share some of what I’ve done to improve support for different display configurations.

Previous versions of Window Clippings would not let you create a screenshot if the color depth of any of your displays was anything less than 32 bit (highest quality). This was unfortunately a limitation fundamental to the way Window Clippings was originally designed.


Of course support lower color depths can be useful especially when you want to take a screenshot in a remote desktop where the color depth might be limited due to bandwidth or policy restrictions. The good news is that this is no longer a problem and Window Clippings 3 has no problem with different color depths.


That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more highlights from the upcoming Window Clippings 3!

Check out the other highlights:

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